Models of erosion processes and suspended sediment loads in New Zealand


The purpose of this brief guidance is to outline options for accessing modelled information on erosion processes and suspended sediment loads in New Zealand.


Date: May 2023 Version: v1

Owner: MWLR

Contact: Hugh Smith, Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research


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Dataset attributes

Spatial extent National
Spatial resolution
Temporal extent
Temporal resolution
Evaluation method (Validation)
Evaluation result (Numeric)
Evaluation result (Categorical)
Uncertainty method
Uncertainty data format (Numeric)
Uncertainty data format (Categorical)



Compilation of links and references to existing information.


Fitness for purpose / limitations

This table indicates whether the dataset is suitable for different types of questions at different scales.

Note: Users should carefully consider their purpose as this dataset may not be suitable.

Operational Absolute Relative Screening/scoping
Block/farm Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
Multi-farms(5+) Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
Catchment Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
National/regional Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
Caveat(s) The choice of model depends on the decision scale (extent) and type of question or decision under consideration. Please refer to the linked document for further information.

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