WWO tools and their uses (Report)


The Whitiwhiti Ora (WWO) Data Supermarket contains various datasets that have been produced by the Our Land and Water Challenge (OL&W) that have been made publicly available.

These data may be useful to decision-making processes concerned with the use of land and its impacts on greenhouse gases, water (i.e., aquatic receiving environments), and economic indicators.
The data includes land use options under both existing and potential future climate conditions and information pertaining to the impacts of land use options on environmental values.

The Supermarket does not have ‘answers’ but it contains some of the information required to derive information that is relevant to making land use decisions


Date: September 2023 Version: v1

Owner: LWP

Contact: Ton Snelder: LWP


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Dataset attributes

Spatial extent N/A
Spatial resolution N/A
Temporal extent N/A
Temporal resolution N/A
Evaluation method (Validation) N/A
Evaluation result (Numeric) N/A
Evaluation result (Categorical) N/A
Uncertainty method N/A
Uncertainty data format (Numeric) N/A
Uncertainty data format (Categorical) N/A



The WWO team have put together this report to assist users of WWO data.


Fitness for purpose / limitations

This table indicates whether the dataset is suitable for different types of questions at different scales.

Note: Users should carefully consider their purpose as this dataset may not be suitable.

Operational Absolute Relative Screening/scoping
Block/farm N/AN/AN/AN/A
Multi-farms(5+) N/AN/AN/AN/A
Catchment N/AN/A N/AN/A
National/regional N/AN/A N/AN/A
Caveat(s) --

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